Schools Call Out: Your Public Art Project 2020

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

What is public art? How can it transform your local environment?

Extending upon our very successful pilot education program Your Public Art Project 2019, Kaldor Public Art Projects invites NSW Department of Education teachers (Stage 3, 4 and 5) to submit an expression of interest to participate in Your Public Art Project, 2020.

Your Public Art Project, is an ambitious learning program which aims to support collaboration, critical thinking, skills development and creative expression. The program is designed to support teachers and students in the development of innovative and site-specific public art works, through the active involvement of an artist-educator within the school environment. The artist-educator will support teachers in investigating their local environment and local communities, resulting in the delivery of a student-led project, which responds directly to the interests and concerns of the young artists.

Teachers will be supported throughout the program with digital learning resources and workshops tailored to the needs of the group in consultation with Kaldor Public Art Projects and the artist-educators.

Your Public Art Project, aims to foster the development of confidence, agency and communication skills for all participants. This will be supported through a school-to-school virtual excursion program, connecting students through a peer-led active learning session.

All participating school’s projects will be showcased at a special event in Sydney in November 2020.

Please note: While we encourage collaboration, each project must be overseen by a lead teacher, who will be responsible for developing and delivering the project. As part of the program, Kaldor Public Art Projects will support the lead teacher by covering two casual relief days to assist with production. At least one of these days should involve working with the artist-educator.



Teachers will be expected to:

        • Work collaboratively with the artist-educator to support the students and introduce them to new modes of contemporary art-making.
        • Submit two progress reports during the program outlining the development of the project,
          using a provided template.
        • Submit samples of student process work prior to commencing the final artwork (drawings, material studies, etc)
        • Document the development of the artwork according to Kaldor Public Art Projects’ specifications


        • December 2019 Teachers are updated on the outcome of their application
        • February 2020 Teachers are introduced to their artist-educator
        • April - July 2020 (Term 2) Teachers work with their artist-educator to develop their public artwork
        • July - September (Term 3) Teachers work with their artist-educator to develop their public artwork
        • October 2020 Public artworks are documented on-site by Kaldor Public Art
        • October 2020 School-to-school virtual excursion program
        • November 2020 Special event to celebrate the culmination of Your Public Art



Please complete the application form by 5pm Thursday 19 December if you are interested in participating in Your Public Art Project.


Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by mid January 2020 if they are successful in moving forward in the application process.

If you have any questions about the program please contact Lleah Smith, Assistant Manager, Education at