‘Snappy Croc Rescued on Busy Highway'

Monday, April 15, 2013

I had a chat with one of our attendants, Annie McKay, who is also an interpreter for Tino Sehgal’s ‘This Is New’ 2003. I’d heard through the grapevine that she had a hilarious approach to performing the work and I had to find out more.

 Annie, I’ve heard that you have a bit of a unique approach to the Sehgal work. Where have you been sourcing your content?

We have to source our material from a news publication each day, picking, a daily headlines to work with. I’ve been finding mine in The Townsville Bulletin and the Northern Territory News.

Why those papers?
I’m specifically interested in using headlines involving crocodiles for my interpretations of the work. I find that there’s always at least one headline in these papers which features croc’s or at least their close relatives (like the turtle for instance).

Crocodiles huh? Why Crocs?
I thought it would be great to draw attention to the Australian location of the 13 Rooms project in a humorous way.

Tino Sehgal is an international artist, working mostly overseas. I thought, that considering this work is being interpreted for 13 Rooms in Sydney, it would be comical to put an ‘Australiana’ twist on the content.

The Croc is an Australian icon and I thought it would be funny to draw attention to this symbol in this context. Crocodiles are something which really have very little relevance to my life (and I’m pretty sure they have very little relevance to a lot of the ‘13 Rooms’ visitors too). The fact that Crocs are so commonly in the headlines in these two newspapers, means that somewhere in Australia, they are definitely a big part of Australian daily lives.

What are some of your favourite headlines?

‘Snappy Croc Rescued on Busy Highway’

‘Four-metre Croc Scare Closes Cairnes Beach’

‘Crew Spares Turtle From Stew’

‘Tiger Shark Spotted Fighting Croc Off Beach’


Are you planning on sticking with this theme for the remainder of the project?

Absolutely. The reactions from the visitors are keeping me very entertained.



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Kaldor Public Art Project 27: 13 Rooms, Episode 6 from Kaldor Public Art Projects on Vimeo.